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Burbach Aquatics Lawsuit

Burbach Aquatics Inc. is a firm, recognized as a leader in aquatic engineering. Because of our extensive knowledge, we are often called on to act as an expert witness to evaluate failed projects. When we hear of a community that is involved in a lawsuit or struggling with a multi-million dollar project that has failed, we are greatly concerned. 

We are one of very few firms in the nation that is completely independent of pool suppliers, pool builders, pool contractors, and pool equipment manufacturers. For this reason, we are not influenced by outside sources. We do not benefit from commissions, exclusive equipment specifications, or contractor rebates, which is unfortunately common in this industry. Our independence creates a completely unbiased expert witnessing situation.

If you work for a municipality that has an issue with a pool, please contact us to learn how we can help as a witness, and how we can help you fix the project.